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Changes coming for Spore DRM?

It's been one of the biggest, if not the biggest, issues about the game since its release over a week ago but it looks like Electronic Arts is going to do at least one thing to change the DRM set-up for Spore. The Will Wright created alien evolution sim has been slammed by people who feel the game's DRM is draconian and reduces the game from being a purchase to being just a rental.

One of the reasons behind such thinking is that currently one retail copy of Spore can only be installed on three PCs. MTV Multiplayer, however, did get word that this might be changing. According to a EA pr rep currently youg cannot deauthorize a PC install for Spore once it is installed. " But there is a patch coming for that," insists the PR rep which is said to be coming in the near future. However this isn't the end as EA has yet to respond to why it has chosen to only allow one Spore account to be attached to one install of the game itself.

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