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Rumor: No Mirror's Edge PC in 2008?

It was one of our most anticipated PC games for the fall but now there are some signs that Mirror's Edge might not make it to PC hard drives this year after all. The unusual first person action game from developer Digital Illusions and publisher Electronic Arts has generated tons of advance buzz and at the moment it looks like the console versions are still due for release this fall.

However, retail web sites like Gamestop are now showing the PC port of the game as shipping on January 6, 2009. We also got a tip from our reader "Trog" who told us his pre-order for the PC version on Amazon has also changed to the same date. Last week we contacted EA's PR rep for Mirror's Edge who told us, "We haven't officially announced the ship date for Mirror's Edge. All that's been stated is a winter ship release window." That same rep said to expect an official release date "soon" so for the moment tag this story as a rumor.

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