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More details on Crysis Warhead gaming PC

A little over a month ago, Gamasutra editor Chris Remo revealed on his own personal blog site that Electronic Arts was planning to market a pre-built gaming PC designed specifically to run the upcoming shooter Crysis Warhead at a resonable price. Remo has since updated his blog site with more info on this project, stating that the PC will sell for $699.

The actual rig will be built by a company called UltraPC but EA, Crysis Warhead's developer Crytek and video chip company Nvidia were all involved in the development of the PC. The specs for the PC include an Intel Core 2 Duo e7300 processor running at 2.66GHz along with an Nvidia 9800GT based video card (no word on what company provided the card) and 2 GB of RAM. The dev team got Crysis Warhead to be optimised to run on the machine at high detail running 30 frames per second. Supposedly pre-orders will be accepted this week with shipment to begin on Sept. 16, the same day that Crysis Warhead will ship to stores.


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