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First Spore reviews are predictably mixed

While online reviews of Spore are technically under embargo at the moment, magazines are apparently under a different set of rules which means the first scores for the long awaited Will Wright-Electronic Arts alien life simulator are now out on the web anyway. PC Gamer's UK magazine has given the title a 91 (out of 100). The review does take the game to task for a lack of an auto-save feature and not being able to back out of wars in the game's last stages. However it did call the game "beautiful," "hilarious" and "annoyingly adorable."

However, two German PC game mags, PC Games and Gamestar, have given Spore 73 and 79 (out of 100) scores (repectively) according to Videogame247.com. The PC Games review stated it lacked depth until the final stage and felt that it was an unease mix of simulation and strategy. Quite frankly we expected this kind of mixed response to Spore; it's a title that really has no other game to compare it to and we think there will be quite a lot of varied reviews when the embargo is fully lifted.

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