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Download Mercenaries 2 "Oh No You Didn't" song for free

Mercenaries 2 is out for consoles now and should ship for the PC later this week but commercials for the Pandemic-Electronic Arts open world action game are running on TV as we speak. The spots feature a cool little ditty of an original tune called "Oh No You Didn't" that's actually quite catchy.

Pandemic must have figured that fans would want to hear the whole song instead of just a 30 second portion so they have provided a free download of the full 3 minute version of "Oh No You Didn't" on the official Mercenaries 2 web site. You can also download a behind-the-scenes movie showing the making of the TV commercial but oddly enough the commercial itself cannot be downloaded. Weird. Both of those downloads are now available from Big Download

Download the full "Oh No You Didn't" Mercenaries 2 TV commerical song at Big Download
Download the behind-the-scenes on the Mercenaries 2 TV commerical movie at Big Download.

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