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G4's X-play to expand to one hour in December

If the cable network G4 has its way you will be seeing a lot more of that guy on the right very soon. That's Adam Sessler, the co-host (with Morgan Webb) and managing editor of their half-hour daily gaming show X-play. Now the only daily TV show in the US devoted solely to games will be getting a trial boost in air time.

According to the latest blog post from G4's president Neil Tiles, "I'm excited to announce that X-play will expand to one full hour each weeknight for the month of December as we take a look at all the holiday releases and look forward to 2009 titles...this is a trial as well with the hope that if X-play experiences marked growth during the month we will seek to expand the show permanently later on in early 2009." Tiles also announced that G4 will finally be broadcast in high-definition in December but X-play and its other major daily program Attack of the Show won't be going high-def until the summer of 2009.


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