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Check out Spore creations made by semi-famous people

Anyone can make monsters with the free version of Spore Creature Creator but Electronic Arts seems to think that if a monster is made by a celebrity it's something special. That's why the publisher behind next week's sure-to-be-a-best-seller Spore has recruited a bunch of semi-famous people to have them make their own creatures with the editor. You can check them out on a special web site and even vote for your favorites.

You have really rich people (Richard Branson and Mark Cuban) along with pop culture icons (Adam West and Stan Lee), sitcom actors with three names (Melissa Joan Hart and Neil Patrick Harris), musicians (Andrew WK and Katy Perry) and even people who are famous for . . . well we are not really sure (ANT and Hal Sparks). Even Spore creator Will Wright threw in one of his own creations into the party mix. But the truth is that even if you are not famous you can most likely make your own Spore creation that's better than most of this lot.

Download the free version of Spore Creator Creator at Big Download right now.

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