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Gas Powered's Chris Taylor feels PC games don't need huge system specs

PC gaming has prided itself at time for having the potential to wipe the floor with any console game in terms of graphics and hardware needs. But is that time past? Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor says, "Yes." In a new chat with Gamasutra, Taylor believes that PC gaming doesn't need to have the fastest processor, the most memory or the swiftest graphics card in order to be successful.

Gas Powered Games is currently working on their fantasy strategy game Demigod and Taylor states, "If you look at Demigod, it's still wildly state of the art -- in our trailer, people asked if that was prerendered or from the game, [and] it's all in-game. But it's scalable; there's level of detail [adjustment]." Taylor feels that hardware requirements might become a thing of the past for PC gaming, saying "I think five years from now, you won't even have to ask what kind of computer you have. You'll just ask, 'Do you have a PC?' We'll get right back to that place."

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