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Comcast to limit Internet downloads beginning October 1

We have been waiting for this day for a while now and in just over a month, residential customers of Comcast will become the first major US users to have a broadband cap on their Internet usage. According to News.com, Comcast will impose a 250 GB cap on broadband usage beginning on October 1. People who violate this policy the first time will get a warning but the second time will get their broadband immediately cut off; it will be an entire year before those customers can use Comcast as their Internet provider again.

Of course 250 GB sounds like an awful lot and most customers should be OK with this new limit but as the article points out Comcast offers no way for people to monitor exactly how much bandwidth they are actually using. Comcast imposed this limit to curtail peer-to-peer downloads (most of which are illegal) for a small percentage of their customers. However we are seeing the PC game industry using the download business model more and more and a cap on bandwidth, even as one as generous as Comcast's, could curtail that business, especially if more ISPs follow Comcast's wake.

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