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Tabula Rasa gives a few players a chance to go up in space (sort of)

As some of you may know, Richard "Lord British" Garriott is currently in training to go up in space in October aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket to go to the International Space Station (he paid $30 million for the privilege via the Space Adventures company). However he isn't leaving Earth without remembering the last game he helped to create, the NCsoft MMO Tabula Rasa.

Today NCsoft announced that all players of Tabula Rasa during August will have their in-game character's data uploaded to the "Immortality Drive", a drive that will be sent into space with Garriott in October. In addition 8 players per week will be picked to have their actual DNA to be sampled and then stored into the Immortality Drive as well. More info on this program can be found on the Operation Immorality web site.


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