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Cryptic Studios officially takes over Star Trek Online

It's been on of the worst kept "secrets" in the games industry for some time but finally the countdown clock at Cryptic Studio's web site has reached "zero" to officially reveal that the former City of Heroes/Villains developer has taken over the development duties for the long-in-development MMO Star Trek Online. The game's official web site, which has had a "Coming Soon" teaser image for the past several months, has also relaunched with the announcement along with the first screenshots from the game created by the Cryptic team.

The game is based of course on the sci-fi universe created by the late Gene Roddenberry for the original Star Trek TV series in 1966 and expanded into four more TV shows and 10 feature films (with an 11th, featuring a revamp of the original series, due in May 2009). The game was first announced way back in 2004 by Perpetual Entertainment but that developer shut its doors earlier this year. That's when the rumors began that Cryptic had bought the game's development rights and assets.

In a note on the game's official web site, Cryptic founder Jack Emmert states, "When the opportunity came for Cryptic to obtain the license for Star Trek, we were absolutely thrilled. I realized how many people at Cryptic loved the IP when the possibility of us getting the rights leaked out to the rest of the company. I had more Trekkies in my office asking to work on the project than I ever imagined."

Game details are still sketchy but the Star Trek Online web site states that players will be able to have adventures in space, beam down for planet missions and even have adventures inside starships. People will be able to command either a Federation or Klingon ship, customize it and even pick their crews. More info on the game will be revealed at a Las Vegas Star Trek convention on August 10 including the first video gameplay footage. The presentation will also be shown via a web cast on the game's official web site.

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