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Free-to-play FPS Blackshot announced

You can add to the growing lists of hardcore free-to-play games the upcoming first person shooter title Blackshot. Published in the US by Outspark the game has some simple descriptions; "Powerful weapons, lifelike characters and gritty environments." There's also something called the "player-versus-enviroment" mode which sounds an awful lot like a single player campaign. Well that's all you really need to know right now isn't it?

Blackshot's official web site has a CGI trailer running ( with some typical SWAT-like members running and shooting) with word that the open beta for the game should launch "soon". More details about the game are supposed to be revealed in the coming weeks. The big question is whether Blackshot can compete with rival upcoming free-to-play shooter titles like id Software's Quake Live or EA's Battlefield Heroes.

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