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The Big Round-up: Thursday, July 17

Your daily wrap-up of the hottest stories in PC gaming in the last 24 hours. And, of course, that means even more E3 coverage from the floor of the convention and in the conference rooms where we were hands on with many popular titles.

E3 08: Hands-on with Spore
So you have likely been playing with the Spore Creature Creator for a few weeks now, either in its free version or the full $9.99 version. But how, you may ask, is the actual Spore game actually looking. Quite well, thank you. In fact it's a lot deeper experience than we first imagined.

E3 03: Hands-on with Fallout 3
It's extremely hard to really get a feel for what a game that has about 100 hours of gameplay in less than 30 minutes of time. Yet that was our constraints while playing Fallout 3 at Bethesda Softworks' E3 2008 meeting room. It was enough time to confirm that the game plays well in those 30 minutes but that's about it.

E3 08: Hands-on with Far Cry 2
We named this game our most anticipated PC title of E3 2008 and when we went behind closed doors at Ubisoft's meeting room to check out a PC demo build of Far Cry 2 our expectations were certainly high. We came away from the demo impressed by the game's promise, even though we are still scratching our heads as to why the game is even named Far Cry 2. With the exception of a couple of minor similarities, there's really nothing that ties in this game with Crytek's original 2004 shooter.

E3 08: Hands-on with Project Origin
Last year, Warner Bros. Interactive had a hands-on theater demo of Project Origin, the long awaited true sequel to developer Monolith's 2005 scary shooter F.E.A.R (in fact the official name of the game had not been announced at its 2007 E3 appearance). The demo was more akin to what was seen in F.E.A.R.. it took place in an office corridor. It had some shooting of AI driven soldiers and it had a scary scene at the end.

E3 08: More from Activision's non-E3 press conference
Activision didn't mention E3 once during its press conference Tuesday night but the event certainly wouldn't have been held without all those journalists who just happened to be in Los Angeles attending the event. We mentioned a couple of things about the press conference already but here are a few more bits that might interest PC gamers:

E3 08: Wanted movie game confirmed
It looks like the rumors were true; a game based on the recent action film Wanted is indeed in the works. Today the official press release came down the wires with word that developer GRIN (Bionic Commando) is handling the development chores for the game which will be published by Warner Bros. Interactive.

E3 08: Capcom announces Flock
Looks like Capcom continues to release games for the PC in downloadable formats. The publisher has officially announced Flock, a new downloadable game for the PC and other platforms. The game is the first effort from the new Scotland based Proper Games which was formed by people who worked on games like Lemmings, Crackdown and others.

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