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E3 08: Could there be a Serenity game?

As we mentioned earlier, Universal Studios has directly commissioned a game based on their recent hit action movie Wanted. It's the first time that the movie studio has made such a movie rather than work with a third party publisher who licensed the rights. Certainly Universal has a ton of properties (both in movies and on TV) that could also get the same treatment.

One such property that immediately pops to mind is Serenity, the movie version of the cult hit sci-fi TV series Firefly. We talked with a Universal Pictures Digital Platform Group rep who attended the Wanted demo and asked if that was a possibility. "It's something we have talked about," he admitted. He said the main thing was to get the involvement of Serenity and Firefly's creator Joss Whedon before proceeding with any plans. However, the fact that the studio has indeed talked about such a project certainly puts a Serenity game in the firm "maybe" column. Some of you may remember that in late 2006 the MMO game development engine studio Multiverse announced they had gotten the MMO rights to the Firefly TV series but since then no news of that game has been revealed.


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