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E3 08: Fallout 3 to have downloadable content for PC and Xbox 360

The very first demo in Microsoft's Xbox 360 press conference this morning at E3 just happened to be a live demo for Fallout 3, the long awaited Bethesda Softworks post-apocalyse RPG. The demo began with a new teaser trailer for the game (it should be online later today) which was primarily in live action. The teaser was a live action commercial that was made in the 1950s TV style as a happy spokesperson tried to convince a normal nuclear family to reserve a site in the Vault.

Then Bethsoft producer Todd Howard came on stage to do a brief live gameplay demo of Fallout 3. Howard showed off the blasted Washington DC setting of the game while also showing off the Pip Boy 3000 wrist computer, a number of weapons like the shotgun the laser rifle and the rocket launcher, and a number of enemies, both mutant and mechanical such as a automated robot tank. At the end of the demo Howard announced that Fallout 3 would have extensive downloadable content after its release and that it will be exclusive to Games for Windows and Xbox 360 platforms (leaving all those PS3 owners out of luck). We will have much more on Fallout 3 tomorrow at our E3 meeting with Bethesda


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