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Flagship Studios closed; Hellgate and Mythos IP to continue in Asia?

On Friday, Big Download was the first to report on massive layoffs happening at Hellgate London and Mythos developer Flagship Studios. Now Voodoo Extreme is reporting that all employees of Flagship have officially been laid off with 30 days of severance pay. The future of both games is now in question. The free-to-play MMO Mythos (which was never officially launched) is now owned by Asian publisher HanbitSoft who hopes to continue development of the game in Asia.

As far as Hellgate London, the rights have reverted to the American bank Comerica (who Flagship secured a loan with a few month ago). They might also continue developing the game in Asia with HanbitSoft. The English support for the games is currently up in the air. So far Flagship has yet to officially issue a statement and the official web sites for both of their games have yet to mention the fate of the developer.

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