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GOG (Good Old Games) to offer classic PC DRM-free games for download

CD Projekt has been best known to this point for their work on the acclaimed fantasy RPG The Witcher but today the company unveiled its plans for an entirely new project . . . and it's not a new game. Rather its a new game download store called GOG.com. in this case, GOG stands for Good Old Games and that's what the web site, when it officially launches in September, plans to give PC gamers.

Simply put, GOG.com will offer up classic PC titles from the 80s, 90s and 2000s that are guarentted to run on both Windows XP and Vista. Even better the games are being offered for sale without that pesky DRM copy protection, The games will also be priced low, either at $5.99 or $9.99. CD Projekt has already secured the right to offer games like Fallout, Freespace 2, Operation Flashpoint: Game of the Year Edition and TOCA Race Driver 3, with more titles to be named later. A closed beta of GOG.com is scheduled to launch on August 1.

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