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Transgaming to bring Ubisoft games to Mac

Transgaming Inc. and Ubisoft have announced a deal that allows Ubisoft games to be ported onto the Mac via Transgaming's Cider portability engine. After being squeezed for Cider, titles will be distributed through TransGaming's gametree.com.

Ubisoft senior vice president of publish Jay Cohen says the publishing and developing giant is "extremely excited about the partnership with TransGaming to bring our titles to the Mac. This is the perfect opportunity to reach the growing Mac community so they can enjoy games such as CSI: Hard Evidence and our Petz franchise with Catz and Dogz. To expand our business position and serve the growing Mac gaming community, additional key titles will follow later this year, including several day-and-date releases this Fall."

Transgaming CEO and President Vikas Gupta also expressed delight over the collaboration, touting Cider's ability "to bring [leading publishers'] high quality content quickly and efficiently to the growing Mac community."


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