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Treyarch apolgizes for remarks about Gearbox Software

Sometimes people forget at a press event that they are being recorded. This seemed to have happened at a recent media gathering for the upcoming Treyarch-Activision WWII shooter Call of Duty: World at War. Eurogamer.net has a video interview where an Activision rep was asked about comparing their game to Gearbox Software's upcoming Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. His response? "We don't want to look at someone who's just making a crappy war game. I watched the trailer and I'm like 'these guys aren't even in the same league."

Ouch. That's pretty brutal, especiallly since Gearbox's previous Brothers in Arms games have gotten far better reviews than Treyarch's previous Call of Duty titles. Thankfully Treyarch's community manager made a post on the Xbox.com forums apolgizing for the statements made by the Activision rep, saying, "We want to let everyone know that we found those remarks offensive, and they do not in any way represent the feelings of any developer at this studio or at Activision. We hold all of our peers in the development community in the highest regard. We have nothing but respect for the guys and gals at Gearbox."


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