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Huxley enters open beta

An Open Beta for Huxley, WEBZEN's MMOFPS, has kicked off in Korea, according to Business Wire.

"Huxley is a creative, thrilling and immersive adventure, and we are excited to open the break-through game to the mass public for the first time anywhere in the world," said WEBZEN, Inc., CEO Nam Ju "Huxley combines the unmatched Unreal Engine 3-based first-person shooting action with WEBZEN's proprietary networking technology for an online gaming experience like no other. We are expecting great results from the Korean beta, leading to broad anticipation and excitement for Huxley all around the world."

Hailed as the world's very first massively multiplayer shooter, the open beta phase of Huxley will continue until the game's commercial launch in 2009.

Download the Huxley trailer from Big Download.

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