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Diablo II PC, Mac demos available on Big Download

For many PC gamers, this weekend's official Diablo III announcement instigated a resurgence of Diablo purchases and re-installations across the globe. If you're interested in Diablo III but haven't partaken in the previous two installments, Big Download will happily take you back in time eight years with the Diablo II demo, which is available for PC and Mac gamers.

The demo allows you to sample the Barbarian class as well as the first two quests of the game's first Act. If you enjoy yourself (and you will), Blizzard's online store now features Diablo II and its expansion pack, Lord of Destruction, for download.

Additionally, Big Download also hosts each of the three Diablo III trailers released this weekend: a cinematic teaser, an artwork overview, and 20 minutes of gameplay featuring the returning Barbarian class and the all-new Witch Doctor class.

Download the Diablo II PC demo.
Download the Diablo II Mac demo.
Download the Diablo III cinematic teaser.
Download the Diablo III artwork overview.
Download the Diablo III gameplay trailer.


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