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No Starcraft 2 release in 2008

A number of days ago, some gaming web sites jumped to report that Starcraft 2 might be coming out on December 3. Why? Because they saw that release date on the web sites of several retailers. The problem is those sites are pretty nortorious for their inaccurate release dates. Today we got a reminder as to why they should not be trusted.

A report on the Internode Games Network reports that Blizzard head mad Rob Pardo has nixed the idea that the sci-fi RTS game sequel will be out in 2008, saying in an interview at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitation only that they are currently a third of the way through the game's campaign. Looks like Blizzard is sticking with its formula of perhaps announcing a game a bit too early. In the meantime Joystiq has a report from the Invitational on the Starcraft II panel

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