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Opinion: Not many PC games at E3 2008? Well, that's not really true . . .

There's an interesting article over at Venture Beat about this week's Games For Windows press event in San Francisco (look for our own articles on the event later today and Monday). The article claims that E3 2008, the big annual media event for games, will be mostly a console games show when it begins in mid-July. The article claims that there is "very little room for PC games" at this year's event.

So what is the evidence that the article gives for that assumption? Well it claims that Microsoft won't mention PC games much during its E3 events and that PC processor maker Intel won't be there at the show in any capacity. The Games for Windows press event this week showed eight live PC games, but two of them had previously been released and another game just used a demo that's freely available to download. That left a whopping five games at this press event which Kevin Unangst, senior global director of Windows gaming at Microsoft, said was designed specifically to not let the PC game industry be overshadowed by the supposedly console game heavy E3.

Well with all due respect to Mr. Unangst, he doesn't seem to know what PC-only games and what PC related products will be shown at E3 this July. While it's true that console games will get a lot of attention that doesn't mean PC games won't have a lot to look forward to at the show as well.

Again the Games for Windows Event this week had five games that won't be released before E3 begins (Civilization IV: Colonization, Call of Duty: World at War, Bionic Commando, Ghostbusters and Space Siege). E3 2008 will have those same five games plus a ton more titles. A number of publishers are scheduled to show a lot of PC only games at the show such as Electronic Arts (Crysis Warhead, Spore, Warhammer Online), THQ (Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II) Codemasters (Jumpgate Evolution) Sega (Empire: Total War) and Deep Silver (STALKER Clear Sky). UK based Jagex is scheduled to show off for the first time their next generation version of their hugely popular free MMO Runescape at the show. Russian based publisher Akella will only be showing PC games at the event. As far as hardware, Big Download confirmed this week that Toshiba will be showing off a new high powered gaming laptop PC which will be officially launched at the show and Novint will be showing off their Falcon PC controller (most likely with their just announced support for a number of Valve's PC games. Oh, and at least two non-E3 attending publishers (Activision and Gamecock) will hold their own separate events in LA during E3 week and there will certainly be PC games at both events.

And let's not forget the boatload of multi-platform games at E3, many of which will have the PC as either the lead or best platform for the title. Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, Dark Void, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, Dead Space, This is Vegas, Saint's Row 2, Far Cry 2, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Borderlands, Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway, The Agency, Project Origin . . . we could go on and on. And of course these are the games that we know about. There are certainly bound to be some surprise game announcements at the event.

So will there be a lot of console games at E3 this year? Sure. But will the PC game industry be just a tiny portion of the event's line-up? Absolutely not. We are looking forward to heading back to the LA Convention Center to check out the tons of PC games at the show and we plan to give all of you a comprehensive report on the event.


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