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User created content not a Rage to id

Matt Hooper, lead designer at id Software, was recently interviewed by Next-Gen during the Paris GDC and had a few things to say about user created content and their upcoming game, Rage.

Simply put: user generated content is "not a huge consideration for us right now." By that Hooper means they are focused on making the best game possible with the new idTech5 tools. Granted, user created content has always been part and parcel of id games, but they are first and foremost dedicated to creating a game that pushes the visual and gameplay envelope. Fitting in the ability for gamers to create content is more work than they are willing to commit too at the moment. Hooper stated that conversations about Rage gameplay elements like automatically connected maps, user ranking system, and other mods happen all the time... but none of it has been implemented. They're simply focused on making a great game.

His wording suggests that tools to allow user generated content are not out of the question. And given that the game is still early in development, it wouldn't shock us to see them added prior to release.

[via Blue's News]


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