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Will you be able to run Crysis Warhead on your PC?

Last year, everyone was excited to run Crytek's sci-fi shooter Crysis on their PCs. As it turned out it was a game that had an extremely high system requirement to run at a decent frame rate on high detail levels. So will things be different for the recently announced second game Crysis Warhead? Crytek's CEO Cevat Yerli seems to think so.

In a new German language interview at PCgames.de (interpreted by Blue's News) Yerli states that PC owners will be able to play Crysis Warhead in high detail with 30-35 frames per second on a PC that costs a mere 400 euros. In fact the optimisations for Crysis Warhead could find their way into a new Crysis patch as well although it will likely not be worked on until development of Crysis Warhead is completed.


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