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Real-world clothing based on Age of Conan coming soon!

Inno-Wear, a French company that specializes in creating textile products, announced that they have acquired the rights to produce a real-world clothing line based on Funcom's adult-themed MMO Age of Conan. Details were vague, but the company stated that they have the full marketing "support of the publisher." Garments should be available to consumers later this year. North American distribution rights for the AoC-branded clothing line is also a mystery. Can you imagine something like this on a rack at Target?

Inno-wear does have a track record of making gaming related clothing items, having already produced "urban streetwear" for Trackmania, Gears of War 2, and Devil May Cry.

We imagine this will be a big hit with the Ren-fair folks. And revelers looking for a naughty Halloween costume.


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