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New Frontlines Conquest multiplayer mode coming

Hot on the heels of the just released 1.1.0 patch, developer Kaos Studios has announced plans to introduce a new multiplayer mode for its near-future shooter Frontlines: Fuel of War. According to a statement on the developer's web site, the new mode may sound familiar to some; Conquest. where players will be able to take over objects in any order on any map.

Of course, this is awfully similar to the Conquest mode in the Battlefield series and while Kaos admits to that it also states it " . . .will have a few of its own tweaks." Frontlines shipped with a different kind of objective mode that was based on capturing points and moving a front forward on the map (hence the title). But it seems that Kaos now wants to give players a more familiar gameplay type to use. According to the note, the new mode will be added to all of the game's original maps and the new maps planned for release later. At the moment, the new Conquer mode will be made available via a free patch in late June or early July.


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