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Vollee tech could bring World of WarCraft to mobile phones

Blizzplanet has received word from Vollee, a company dedicated to "fast-paced, sound-blasting, in-your-face 3D mobile games that connect to rich worlds of gameplay," debuted their streaming games service via Second Life for mobile phones.

According to a statement Blizzplanet received from Vollee, "The new, free application allows anyone with a 3G or Wi-Fi enabled handset to explore, interact and communicate across the entire 3D virtual world right from their handset." Vollee goes on to claim that their proprietary technology "is the only one on the market that can stream any high-end PC title to mobile, including popular massively multiplayer online role playing games."

Blizzplanet, of course, is primarily interested in the possibility of playing World of WarCraft on their cell phones -- as are many of you, no doubt. While Blizzplanet asserted that no official word has been given, "Vollee has confirmed negotiations with Activision."

Second Life-ers interested in trying Vollee's service can download World of Second Life from the company's website.


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