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Tilted Mill preparing new Children of the Nile update; will self-publish new games

The folks at game developer Tilted Mill Entertainment haven't lacked for work since they were founded in 2001. The company, created by former members of the now defunct Impressions Games, have specialized in the city sim genre. Their first title was the 2004 released game Children of the Nile which was released in the US via the now defunct publisher Myelin Media. In 2006, the company released Caesar IV for Vivendi Games and in 2007 they worked with Electronic Arts on Sim City Societies.

Now Tilted Mill is preparing to chart some new territory for itself. According to an email sent to Big Download by Tilted Mill president Chris Beatrice, the developer recently got the rights back to Children of the Nile and is preparing to re-release the title later this year in a new enhanced version. According to Beatrice the new version will not only have new content but a redesign that will make the game more accessible to new players as well as improve the experience for previous owners of the game. Tilted Mill plans to release a free update to the 2004 version that will contain all of the new enhancements and content. It will also release a new demo of the enhanced version as well.

Beatrice also stated that Tilted Mill is planning to self-publish their own all-new titles for release later this year. As he explained, "We feel the gaming medium, and particularly PC games, are uniquely suited for an extraordinarily high level of creative innovation and diversity, yet too often this precious potential is undercut by the severe constraints imposed on the process, for reasons which I'm sure I don't need to explain to you. Fortunately, with new distribution opportunities and technological solutions becoming available, it has once again become possible to make and sell great games at reasonable costs, particularly for an experienced team like that at Tilted Mill."

Big Download hopes to get more info from Beatrice about Tilted Mill's future plans in the very near future.


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